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The easiest way to find out how active a website is would be to look up it’s traffic. Below I have listed the 20 biggest dating sites per niche. For dealing with the abundance problem, one can apply the famous “secretary problem,” now probably more appropriately called the “admin problem.” This was first proposed more than 50 years ago and states if you can only interview a certain number of candidates for the admin position, how do you know when to pick one?Let’s say you have interviewed four candidates and it is getting late in the day.In math language, this looks like: choose the first one after N/e, where N is the number of candidates you can interview and e is the base of the natural logarithm. Members answer questions, and then based on these answers, a set of recommended matches is provided.These sites should be able to make this work because they can check if their system is working by measuring the response of their users, such as how long they spend looking at their recommended matches or if they click on their profiles and message them.Secondly, you can be sure the other members on these sites take the niche theme seriously in making their dating decisions.

His story is written by a blogger and brings out the bad and impersonal side of math and numbers.

Members on are likely to work out every day and take their health very seriously.

The downside of using niche dating sites is they tend to be much smaller than the major sites, and some of them, while sounding and looking cool, may not have many active members.

So what is the difference in response between Amy and Chris’ stories?

To answer this, we need to look in more detail at what they did and break it down.

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Let’s say you have time to interview only 10 candidates. Australian mathematician Clio Cresswell has applied this further to the “12 bonk rule.” Need I not explain what that means.

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