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Who is declan galbraith dating

Then you wake up one day and you find a record company is interested in you.

It's just amazing."Declan has never had a formal singing lesson, but a few weeks ago he started going to a voice coach.

DECLAN GALBRAITH, aged nine, is lying on the floor laboriously practising his signature for autographs. But then, not every nine-year-old has a million pounds invested in him by a record company.

It takes him a good minute to write his name in a loopy hand. "It's still dreadful, Dad." His father Alec, an electrician, watches as he tries again. Last week, EMI announced that they had signed Declan to record three albums in the next three years, beating off competition from numerous other labels. It's good, because you can carry sweets around in it, too." He tries hard to sit still, but sometimes cannot resist the urge to tear off - although he asks politely first. " he says, then he dashes out into the garden of his family's semi-detached home in the village of Hoo, near Rochester, Kent, where he lives with his Mum and Dad, Siobhan and Alec, and his six-year-old sister Bernadette.

"Once, when I was in the News of the World, I was coming back from the paper shop and someone in their car beeped their horn and whistled."The bizarre world in which he now lives means that, even though he is only nine, people often ask if he has a girlfriend. In fact, I'm not interested in girls at the moment.

But I'm sure I probably will be when I'm older."The family are told that Declan's career will not be over when his voice breaks.

"I sing all kinds: songs that the recording company have written for me - because I've got some writers - and I sing folk, and Irish ballads, and soul . He is intelligent enough to realise that his biggest task is to avoid becoming too full of himself. I'd like people to think of me as Declan Galbraith." They will.I'd also like to help out charities and things."Declan says that he wants to become a singer to follow in the footsteps of his Irish grandfather, Ben, who used to tour the pubs and clubs of Kent with his folk group.Although Declan was only three when Ben died, he remembers his grandfather vividly.Then you have to put your hand through it and it slips back into shape again."His bedroom is festooned with posters of Westlife and Robbie Williams. "The ultimate thing for him," says his father, "would be a career as a singer, because he loves doing it.But also what's important is that he may become financially secure at a very young age, which has got to be everyone's dream - not to have a mortgage hanging round your neck."Thanks to an advance from EMI, Alec has been able to give up his job for a year.

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