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Updating sabayon linux

Creating the Arduino libraries for userspace could offer significant reduction in the development time of projects on the Beaglebone involving interfacing with external peripherals, with the added advantage of running other userspace applications side-by-side.dsp-rpc-posix aims to make life easier while developing for the OMAP3530's DSP (especially the Beagle Board), by offering a simple compilation script and the ability to use the familiar GPP-side POSIX calls such as printf and scanf for prototyping.The project will build onto the existing C6Run project.It's the easiest way to get started exploring and developing the Internet of Things.It's also the perfect platform to build new Io T products and Jilia has the scalability to support millions of users and devices.a small portable lab, with which you can analyze Soil Sample in the field.I'm reusing a old HP netbook LCD to create an All-In-One solution for prototyping on the fly The Novus Robotics Cape from Strawson Design in partnership with UCSD has Open Source Libraries, Sample Code, and detailed documentation to facilitate developers that want to get their projects working quickly.7" TFT LCD Screen with a resistive touch screen for Beagle Board, Beagle Board x M, Beagle Bone and Beagle Bone Black Board.

We will participate with a student team in the upcoming MAV competitions.

The Cape allows interchangable or replacement parts for anything that may blow. IMU cape for Beagle Bone that provides power regulation, sensors, servo control, and the IO necessary to connect optional external modules such as GPS, current sensors, radio telemetry link, etc.

with near-term software plan to port the Paparazzi auto-pilot Micro-stepping can cure many problems that have always plagued standard stepping motors for years. The Sensor Cape adds a crazy amount of sensors to your Beagle Bone or Beagle Bone Black.

The Omek Interactive Beckon™ Development Suite is a full-featured set of middleware and tools that enables you to quickly and efficiently deploy gesture recognition and full body tracking in your applications.

Stand Alone Developing Station, aimed to Develop your project faster and better without needing a Laptop, VNC, ethernet cables etc...

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It is a cape for the Beagle Bone Black which turns the BBB into a handheld gaming console with the addition of an LCD cape stacked on top or a controller when connected to an HDMI monitor.

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