Updating figure numbers in word

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Updating figure numbers in word

As you can see in Figure B, the first field returns (1).To create the inline numbering sequence, copy the code and the surrounding parentheses.Make sure you don’t leave some extra spaces or letters after editing, and add space between brackets and text if its needed. Finally, here is the option that will solve our problem: Start-at value. In the middle, under List Name, click Legal Default. On the right, under Field Options, select Start-at value: checkbox and type value 4 in the space provided. Press SHIFT F9 and Word will reveal field codes for the selected field. If you check this option and enter a number, Word starts counting from that number. It looks like this: Article Press SHIFT F9 again and it will switch back to Article 4. I'll start by showing you how to insert the SEQ field code manually, for those one-time occurrences. List1 is a required argument; you can use any descriptive name you like as long as it begins with an alpha character.If you use this feature often, you'll want to add Auto Correct items for quick insertion into your text. The parentheses distinguish the numbers within the text. Highlight the field code and press [F9] to display the field's value.

a longer table of contents changes some page numbers in the main text. This includes updates of page numbers in '' tables (but would not add or remove entries). (If it works in other versions, all the better; I originally had this problem with Word 2007, and nothing seems to have changed since then.) This includes cross-references, page numbers, tables of contents, indexes, headers, etc. If it can be updated by pressing , I want it updated. When field code is shown in the document you can type directly in the field and change its values, without opening Field dialog box. You have created a field with an automatic numbering feature turned on. text and copy it to clipboard (CTRL C, for example). Paste it in the next line or before some other paragraph, if you practice on text (CTRL V). That way, changing field values and adjusting it to fit your needs, is faster. If the syntax is not correct, the field won’t update and, eventually, work. Now, if you click onto number 4 it will be highlighted grey.

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Taking care of the common cases is good enough for me. Sub Update All Fields In(doc As Document) '' Update tables. Update Next toc Dim tof As Table Of Figures For Each tof In doc.

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