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A young legal shark works in his father's high-powered firm and at a child-advocacy center. Meanwhile at Fallin & Fallin, Jake attempts to have Nick ousted from the firm. Meanwhile, Nick represents a troubled teen in a placement case.

Season 3, Episode 16February 24, 2004Burton forbids Shannon to pose for a photographer (Joel David Moore) who also works in pornography, but Shannon's rebellion leads her into more serious trouble. Nick also represents a man whose daughters have been taken away from him following a sexual-abuse accusation. Meanwhile, Nick represents a boy who wants to live with his estranged dad after he discovers his mother kissing his friend. Season 3, Episode 14February 10, 2004After Lulu informs Nick that their unborn child has Down syndrome, Alvin assigns Nick to a probate case involving a young man with the same condition. Meanwhile, Nick tries, as part of his recovery, to apologize to those he wronged while addicted. Season 3, Episode 15February 17, 2004Jake (Raphael Sbarge) is assaulted during a homosexual liaison and, out of embarrassment, tells everyone he's been mugged. Season 3, Episode 13January 24, 2004Nick represents a bus driver (Brent Jennings) who could be responsible for negligent homicide following an accident that caused fatalities. Season 3, Episode 12January 13, 2004After Lulu leaves Nick, he takes a hallucinogenic drug, which plunges him into a fantasy, leaving coworkers at both law services angry over his absence. Meanwhile, the son (Doug Savant) of one of the victims comes to Burton on a legal matter. Meanwhile, at LSP, Nick and Suzanne represent an unruly teen. Meanwhile, Burton hires a nanny (Julie Hagerty) for Shannon. Schmidt) whose father was critically injured by police after he shot three former co-workers, killing two of them. Season 3, Episode 10December 16, 2003While Burton undergoes heart surgery, Nick is left to handle an important case at Fallin & Fallin, and, with Lulu's help, care for Shannon (Amanda Michalka). Meanwhile, Alvin meets a man who claims he knew Alvin's father in high school. Meanwhile, Lulu surprises Nick with some startling news. Meanwhile, Fallin & Fallin hosts an adoption day, and Burton considers adopting Shannon. Meanwhile, Jake's father (Bruce Weitz) announces he wants a divorce, and he asks Jake to handle the legal details. Meanwhile, Lulu's father (Jude Ciccolella) comes to see her, but she's upset by the visit. Season 3, Episode 4October 14, 2003The Fallins represent a white couple suing their fertility clinic because their child was born black; and Nick represents a blind girl (Danielle Panabaker) in a custody case. Season 3, Episode 3October 7, 2003Alvin crosses too many lines, interfering in Nick's case involving a teen (Scout Taylor-Compton) arrested for solicitation; and trying to prevent Lulu from leaving.

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