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In the middle of the tour you can not take many days off because you’re still paying a lot of money.

Even if you don’t play you still have to pay the crew, the bus, hotels So of course if you keep an eye on the tour budget, it doesn’t make sense to take too many days off.

Some of them fall into darkness and have hard time getting out. When discussing women in metal, I notice that many women tend to be labelled by media, fans or even other band members as hysterical and psychotic as we saw in how the press and social media has been burning with Tarja’s split with Nightwish, Liv Kristine’s with Leaves’ Eyes and most recently Alissa and The Agonist.

Cristina answered candidly that “Not because you have competition with the guys but just as a lifestyle.

It is especially obvious in Cristina vocal parts where she is effortlessly hitting some of the highest notes she ever did in her career.

“I agree with you, I think we redefined our style through the years and with Delirium it is even more our style because it was the first time we produced our own record so the package is complete.

She provided vocals for the 2013 Ayreon album The Theory of Everything.

She has also appeared as a guest vocalist on a number of metal albums.

She and her close friend Vinnie Paul became co-authors of an advice column for the rock magazine Revolver.

A week ago, Lacuna Coil finally returned to Budapest on their short run of concerts that included several shows in Central Europe.

Next year Lacuna Coil celebrates twentieth birthday with series of special shows.

Couple of days ago even Italian national television aired a documentary about the band marking the big anniversary.

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But of course when it happens with women it gets more attention because there’s not many girls on the scene.” And Cristina is on point with this and we also touch the topic of many of girls related to the scene are mainly groupies.

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