Painting at bamyan in afghanistan predating

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So accurate, in fact, that he couldn't help wondering all these years about Xuanzang's descriptions of a giant reclining Buddha nearby."I am searching now for a Buddha that I think is about 300 meters long and was built in a sleeping or lying position -- [originally within a very large temple complex].

We have been able to locate [what we think is] the right temple, and excavations are continuing. So we have not been able to finish our excavations even within a year or two.

Still, the pillow he is sleeping on is in perfect condition," Tarzi says."If I had permission and if I would live long enough, I would definitely restore it for Afghanistan.The niches that housed them were now totally empty.During a prolonged destructive process, and after having failed with artillery shells and tanks to destroy the statues, the Taliban militants finally recruited some local Afghanis who knew in detail the inside structure of the caves behind the statues’ bodies and directed the vandals to the caves to bomb the statues with dynamite.Now, provided his health and funding holds out, Tarzi says he is willing to repair the newly discovered reclining Buddha.But it will take a lot of work."Most of the parts are damaged.

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The busy trade because of the Silk Road as well as other routes connecting China and India made the area a cultural and economic crossroads.