Missouri dating scam

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Missouri dating scam

Something came for me in the mail that I never ordered; do I have to pay for it?

Be ware of any unsolicited or unexpected communications asking for personal information.

If the seller sends bills or collection letters, write the seller informing them that you never purchased such an item and can either treat it as a gift or return it to them if they cover shipping.

If the seller still insists, ask the seller to send proof that you ordered the item.

The script may change -- sometimes it's a Nigerian prince, sometimes a wealthy businessman -- but the ploy is the same.

A scam disguised as a chance to make a huge sum of money for helping transfer money. They'll try to convince you that you must pay some overdue payment or face dire consequences like being sued, having wages garnished, getting arrested or having to appear in court.

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If the seller does not relent, notify your state consumer protection agency.