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Laid off and dating

Other dating services aren't nearly as quiet about what makes their matches tick.

OKCupid, which built its reputation as a leader in online dating off exhaustive data analysis, has been transparent about its ranking of users based on their supposed attractiveness.

So I turned to Tinder and had a couple failed dates. But was I really better suited to finding a mate than my smartphone?

The first was a disgruntled state worker who wore Tom's, winced when I told him I had two pitbulls and spent the better part of two hours mansplaining ethics to me. Despite claims that location-based hookup apps like Grindr and Tinder have either disrupted or destroyed dating, computer-assisted matchmaking is nothing new.

Yes, there are countless computer-assisted dating success stories, but how much of that success is based on access and volume and how much of it can actually be attributed to fine-tuned mathematical equations?

This could be due in part to the community's overwhelmingly hirsute focus and my lack of body hair.)Scruff co-founder Eric Silverberg described the Match Stack as a combination of geo-location and Netflix-style collaborative filtering."The simple way to explain it is, if I like Daniel and Daniel likes Chris, it's going to show me Chris, because, presumably, if we have similar taste in one thing, then our tastes will overlap, potentially in others. That seemingly simple process is made possible with what Silverberg describes as a "CPU-intensive machine in the Amazon cloud" crunching hundreds of gigabytes of data, including billions of user ratings in order to provide a "stack" of men tailored to fit each user's explicit and implicit tastes.

It doesn't take a team of psychologists to prove that computer-assisted matchmaking, despite decades of work, isn't a perfect science.

That said, in my month living off the online dating grid, I didn't get laid once.

Unfortunately, that admission is about as much as we know today.

There are countless ways in which Tinder could parse our data.

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But, he points out that "those machine recommendations" aren't everything.

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