Ethics dating subordinate

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Ethics dating subordinate

Bradwell Mhonderwa Business Ethics ROMANTIC relationships are gradually becoming a common feature in today’s workplaces as more employees become involved.

Workplace romance exists when two people working for the same organisation engage in a sexual relationship.

Such a relationship could be between employees at the same level, between a supervisor and his/her subordinate, or it could be a flirtation between the big boss and one of his female subordinates.

While so many reasons have been advanced as the cause of sexual relationships in the workplace, what seems to drive most of these relationships is the fact that the workplace is where employees spend most of their time, which makes it a fertile ground for such unions.

When a supervisor is dating a subordinate, there is bound to be a conflict of interest between the supervisor’s professional conduct and the need to please his/her “sweetheart”.

Finally, any disciplinary action against the subordinate could lead to a retaliatory lawsuit. In my opinion, it is never okay for a supervisor to date a subordinate.

One of the policies should address co-worker romantic relationships.

In addition, associations should carry employment practices liability insurance.

Conflict in romantic workplace relationships is un- avoidable and manifests in a number of ways.

A relationship between a supervisor and someone he/she directly supervises presents the greatest potential of conflict detrimental to work performance.

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Conflict can also arise in a situation where the boss may misconstrue gestures coming from a female subordinate.

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