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(NSA) sex is another term for having sex with nothing (strings) bonding the two parties together.

There is a culture of 'hooking up' that has become popular among college students and young adults. Harper reported on a study of no strings attached sex in colleges students in the .

The newly released documents below give additional details about how the program operates, including the levels of review and supervisory control at the NSA and FBI.

The documents also show how the program interacts with the Internet companies.

Evolution is not switched off because the pill, IUD, condoms and all other forms of contraception came into existence. So it seems that biology grows strings when women have sex. Of course, being higher order beings, we can control our emotions and our biological urges. And the impact of wanting to bond with someone who does not want to bond can leave women feeling disappointed, confused and sometimes hurt. However, from my own personal experience, most women cannot have a sexual encounter and not feel hurt if a man does not call again and is clear he has not intention to do so.

Disclaimer: This piece makes heterosexist assumptions in the interest of simplicity.This is a relatively new field of study and clearly the jury is out on how men and women experience casual sex.So I will revert to the basic question of nature versus nurture.The underlying map depicts the undersea cables that connect North America to the rest of the world.Slides published June 29 This slide describes what happens when an NSA analyst "tasks" the PRISM system for information about a new surveillance target.

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Perhaps they can, but women ARE different than men.

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