Dating nonchristian

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Dating nonchristian

As I spent time one-on-one with Jake, I discovered he was easy to talk to, intelligent, devoted to his family – and, as I suspected, a non-Christian. But I was drawn to this cute charmer who was showing interest in goody-two-shoes me!In the weeks that followed, Jake and I exchanged flirty emails and occasionally hung out with his friends.

Or is this something I should be letting our new youth pastor know about so he might speak with her? What to do about it is a decision that is easy on paper but tough to actually live out. There should be agreement in any church on what is expected of leadership regarding relationships with the opposite sex, especially given our culture’s current confusion on that issue.

Sitting there in the church basement with friends and family, I enjoyed chatting with this funny, talkative, well-dressed man.

So when Jake asked if he could call me sometime, I gave him my telephone number and did a mental dance of joy.

For that matter you can say that you need it (and you do). If your youth pastor or other church leadership doesn’t seem to think discipleship for leaders is important, then you will always be fighting an uphill battle over other lesser issues.

A simple suggestion might be to have a small discipleship/training group for aspiring leaders that meets 30 minutes or an hour before youth group. And you’ll need to decide whether you can live with that.

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When their conversation turned to drinking or their love of going to Hooters, I’d grow silent or roll my eyes and offer a speech about women not being objects – failing to mention, unfortunately, that our value comes from being made in God’s image.

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