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I believe that Indians are one of the beautiful people in the world.

I think there should be more kissing in Indian movies.

He painstakingly details some 30 types of kisses - straight, bent, turned, press, nominal and throbbing are some among them.

And Richard Gere, please take note, Indian cinema's first kiss dates back to 1933 in a film called Karma where the actress is lip-locked with actor and real life husband Himanshu Rai for some four minutes. So why does India have this tortured and twisted relationship with the kiss?

Much earlier, in the early 1990s, I remember the public outrage after Nelson Mandela kissed actress Shabana Azmi when he came visiting.

Some people play it down, saying those who protest belong to a "loony fringe" of moral fundamentalists.

Others say it is a hangover from tradition in an ancient civilisation.

- threw out the case against a young, married couple who were picked up by police allegedly for kissing near a railway station.

The kiss has been under threat in India for as long as I can remember.

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And, as a friend quips, "When we do kiss, we don't tell". They are probably just jealous that no girl has ever kissed them. How is it that our traditions include the Kama Sutra, and historic monuments with graphic murals spread all over the place, is the same country that now seems to have the most Victorian of values now? I think your article assumes that "kissing is good and it must be allowed" by your remarks supporting some scriptures that allow kissing, "Indians are clueless", "hypocritical morality" etc.

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