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Dating ex mormon woman

Even before we were married, there were red flags regarding his inability to have a really good relationship, and he was emotionally abusive. When I got married, I naively believed that if we got married in the temple and I did everything I possibly could to make him happy, that we would have a wonderful marriage. The LDS cult does not teach, preach, or practice love.BUTa temple marriage was the goal, and if you have a temple marriage, youll have a wonderful, happy marriage! Yet, "Love" is the first and most important commandment from God. I can tell she loved me and still does to this day even though she is marrying a douche bag pisshood holder. And I watch her interactions with him there is no love there, its a cold relationship.They indicated that they had dated for 3 years, and watching their interaction with each other I could tell that they still loved each other.They had started dating when she was 19 and he was 18.So often, love or even basic compatibility has nothing to do with it. It was about marriage and I think it was out of the last manual before J Smith teachings, but it was along the same lines. I commented that I felt differently, but maybe that was just me. Mormon boys come home from two-year missions with their hormones boiling, and are then told to marry soon.So our HPGL said that you could pair any two together and if they really lived their religion, there would be no reason not to have a happy marriage. Mormon Girls are in a panick to get engaged before the end of collage (at BYU).

"Love" is not mentioned in the Mormon temple marriage vows. My temple RM wife-beater husband did not succeed in killing me, and the laws of the land protected me and allowed me a civil divorce. The only times she smiled was when she was with me. So yes DAMN the LDS church and DAMN its old fart leaders for taking beautiful people and F*cking with them. Once the lust wears off and it always does and there is no love and no commitment, its a marriage held together only by a kid or by fear or by attempt at CK.She didnt have the same feelings for her husband as she did for her old boyfriend, but by golly she was sure to get closer to the celestial kingdom! Damn the influence of Mormonism on our young lives!!! This has all come to the forefront recently as I watch my teenage son and his relationship with his girlfriend. Being exmo now, he doesnt have the confines of choosing someone with mormon standards of behavior or morality.I now look back at the lost loves and opportunities in my own young life because of that influence. He can choose someone that he is really attracted to and that he really, really likes without concern regarding religion.AND they ended up divorced because she is so messed up.So--I THOUGHT I'd save my kids from the insanity of mormon marriage, but it doesn't look like I did a very good job.

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