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Australia is one of four countries said to be taking part in the trial, though ABC didn’t reveal the other three.

If the scheme proves successful, it may be rolled out the world over.

It comes down to trust and a mutual understanding of what my subject and I want to achieve."See more of Manny Roman sublime work from his hottest Instagram shots, below.

, and decades later as a book, except that within view are groups of voyeurs who circle the couples.

While it might seem counter-intuitive, such a solution would let Facebook, and by extension, the uploader, get ahead of the problem.

Revenge pornography has been a growing problem for years, especially on Facebook, with often inefficient tools, like copyright law, available to take down the images long after they’ve been shared.

"I used to think the simplicity aspect was easy, but it isn't," he says.

"Many times it's easier for models to hide behind the makeup and clothes, but once you ask them to be shot with no makeup, it's as if they feel naked." Getting a model to a place of comfort is paramount.

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Facebook is looking to do something much more proactive to prevent the practice in the future, and hopes that people who have the potential to be affected will trust its A. The theory behind the new technique is that someone who knows that there are nude or compromising images of them in the hands of someone who may upload those images can block them from being uploaded.