Cigars women dating

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Cigars women dating

I have been smoking both since I was 15 years old, and could stop tomorrow if I wanted to.

Indeed, as a Jew who observes the Sabbath prohibition on kindling fire, I do not smoke for a day every week, and it is effortless.

Yes, I am warned by doctors that I am more liable to contract mouth or lip cancer, but while physicians may see such diseases, in 40 years of smoking I have never met or heard of one person with either cancer.

Indeed, I am quite convinced that my one-a-day cigar or pipe may well have had a positive impact on my health given how much relaxation it induces.

Of course if you think I am really killing people due to the secondhand smoke they inhale from my cigar or pipe, I presume all discussion ends. I find absurd the notion that more than 50,000 Americans are killed every year just by being in the presence of smokers.

But if you believe it, all you need to do is open a window and enjoy yourself.

Both in my hometown and on the road, I find great joy in visiting cigar stores and schmoozing with the owners and with the guys smoking there.

In fact, we regularly have some of our best talks while we enjoy our cigars.For the record, I never smoke cigarettes, which I happen to dislike the smell of, and which I acknowledge to be dangerous.But what I write here largely applies to cigarette smokers as well.Stress kills far more people than cigars or pipes do.It is a sign of the times that the latest James Bond film has prohibited 007 from smoking a cigar.

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“It’s going to be massive,” said Christopher Bledsoe, the president and owner of International Cigar Experts, a cigar shipping company.