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“My dad wasn’t too mean but he was a heavy drinker,” he says.

“Also I really wanted to be a musician and I didn’t have any connections.

It wasn’t until he left college that he formed a three-piece band that played bars and clubs and “the opening of fairs and parking lots and shoe stores”.

So he worked his way up the hard way, as his small, sporadic gigs slowly grew into bigger, regular ones.

If I’d been drunk and screwed up I wouldn’t have anybody to cover my ass, to bail me out!

” Chris, 53, was just 12 and growing up in California when he started writing songs, saving up to buy a tape recorder that sat on his bedside table.

I’ll even shut up and listen in a conversation and I don’t watch sports! That “decent” salary has been earned from film and TV parts as well as music (he has released 12 albums since his 1985 debut).

He also has his own show in the US, The Chris Isaak Hour, in which he welcomes fellow musicians (including Cat Stevens, Glen Campbell and Smashing Pumpkins) for an affable chat and a jam.

The reason he doesn’t drink is in part because his father did.

She’s awesome.” Still, his most memorable guests were, he thinks, Chicago, a band who have sold a phenomenal 120 million records.

Talking about their own longevity, one of these seasoned rock stars burst into tears on air, saying: “I didn’t think we’d still be together after 40 years! “He’s still moved that he’s still with his buddies and playing music.” He is convincingly dismissive of his multi-faceted career, though.

“I still play on the street,” he says in a why-wouldn’t-I? ’ And he says (and here Chris pauses for comic effect): ‘he used to be big.’ ” He erupts with laughter. I used to be big and now I’m reduced to playing on the street.” Chris Isaak may, technically, be a busker but that’s unlikely to put off those prospective wives.

He is not easily moved by emotional displays and can be curiously detached from his own emotions and those of others.

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