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C4 carbon 14 carbon dating

So what to do with an atmosphere in which C14/C12 is not yet in equilibrium?

The obvious implication is the atmosphere is not as old as commonly believed.

When animals and plants are alive they take both ordinary carbon (C12) and radioactive carbon ( C14) into their body through their food and through the air they breathe, so the amount of C14 in their body is similar to what is in the environment.

When they die they cease taking in carbon of any kind.

So how did they find cross reference points to check their new clock’s accuracy?

They didn’t, but neither did they tell anyone who wasn’t in the inner circle, thus everyone on the outside thought the method was both proven and reliable – but it wasn’t.

According to Science Daily, “Since the formation of C14 is affected by Earth’s magnetic field and solar activity and is therefore not constant, this relative time scale has no absolute timestamp in calendar years.” Links: Nature News, Science Daily So at best we can comment Ramsey’s team is adding the assumption that one set of layers formed per year to supplement/reinforce the assumption C14 has formed at a constant rate, and we predict in the end both of these assumptions will be their undoing.

But there are several more unstated assumptions in carbon 14 dating apart from the ones admitted above.

Sewell would concur with Haywood’s figures as he stated; “The difference between these two numbers shows that the buildup in the biosphere hasn’t had time to catch up with production in the stratosphere.

But Nature News et al still believe the world is very old, so what problems could they report for this well known method?

To understand this we need to look at the method and its continually revisable history. Carbon dating is a method of estimating the age of organic matter by measuring the amount of radioactive carbon (C14) in the item.

The method is commonly used to argue objects are up to 70,000 years old, so why does it need an update?

Cross Checking Carbon 14 When the method was first possible dates from the method were cross checked, or calibrated, by comparing C14 measurements from artefacts of known ages, such as Egyptian mummies and bread from Pompeii, but recorded history went nowhere near 30 thousand, 40 thousand, or the now used 70 thousand years.

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They next started to use C14 dates from tree rings compared against the number of rings, assuming one set of tree rings per season, but they soon discovered they only had enough tree ring samples to make the method usable at best for 14,000 years (in their estimation), so what to do next?

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