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Bayonetta sexually intimidating

I find these to be quite a bit more entertaining and thought-provoking than Zero Punctuation.

This guy screen-named "moviebob" talks about video games.

Well, he makes plenty of points in this video, and gives his own gaming background in the beginning. This one revolves mainly around the Madden franchise. Madden fans defended their franchise by saying "How can you get mad at our games, when series' like Halo, Castlevania, Megaman, and every Nintendo series also don't change? But I'm pretty sure the same thing couldn't be said about Megaman, Castlevania, and Halo.

Madden 10 is just Madden 9 with a change in the title, and an update to team members and their stats.

Volume 31 Ah, it was nice to log on and see the next installment right there, ready to be played. In this video, The Game Over Thinker tries to stop an apparently popular thought process among people. Somehow, this guy always makes the answer sound so damn obvious.As for ‘starting safe’, yeah, sure, a lot of games do that, but a lot of games don’t.From tetris (or any puzzle game), to fighting games, to some FPSs, to many sports games (depending on the sport, obviously). When you leave your base in an FPS, you’re immediately at risk and continue to be at risk until you’re dead.I don’t even thing Jones was purposefully talking out of his ass or is particularly egregious in his errors — I generally don’t read Gamasustra for a reason — but unfortunately someone linked the article and I know just enough about Starcraft to know he was a good ways off the mark and in ways that should have been obvious.I’m sad no one really called him out on the obviously foolish bits about ‘expectations’.

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You are actually right when you bring up the fact that Starcraft is very much a game of incomplete information (of course you don’t SAY that and for some reason bring mario into it, but whatever).